"Ritratto di giovane 1506 ca, olio su tavola, Galleria degli Uffizi, Firenze "Bernardo de' Rossi 1505, olio su tavola, Museo di Capodimonte, Napoli "Ritratto di giovane 1526, olio su tela, Gemäldegalerie, Berlino "Ritratto di giovane con lucerna 1506 ca, olio su tavola, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.
1506) and Adoration of the Child (c.
In this he was continuing the tradition begun by Antonello da Messina and a good example would be his Portrait of a Young Man with a Book (now in the Accademia, Venice).Bernard Berenson scrisse su di lui una grande monografia.The commissioners were perhaps the Brotherhood of the Recanati Traders, who moved to a new seat in 1533 and would therefore use the work for the latter's decoration.Palazzo Apostolico, Loreto See also edit Lotto carpet, a lacy patterned Turkish carpet named for him.La miglior testimonianza del suo carattere è lesclamazione del velenoso Aretino: Oh Lotto, come la bontà buono e come la virtù vertuoso!Prado Museum, Madrid Portrait of Brother Gregorio Belo of Vicenza (1548).National Museum of Capodimonte, Naples Santa Cristina al Tiverone Altarpiece (c.He was active during the.This was a productive period in his life, during which he painted several altarpieces tombola contatti and portraits.He was certainly not as highly regarded in Venice as in the other towns where he worked, for he had a stylistic individuality, even an idiosyncratic style (although it fit within the parametres of High Renaissance painting) and, after his death, he gradually became neglected.Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Saint Lucy Before the Judge (1532).

High Renaissance and the first half of the.Venice, the Veneto and the Marches (15321556) edit In this last period of his life, Lorenzo Lotto would frequently move from town to town, searching for patrons and commissions.Treviso (15031506) edit Lotto soon left Venice, because there the competition for a young painter would have been too great, with established names such as Giorgione, Palma the Elder and certainly with Titian.Louvre, Paris Portrait of Andrea Odoni (1527).In Treviso, a prospering town within the domain of the republic of Venice, he came under the patronage of bishop Bernardo de' Rossi.Flavian and Onuphrius (1508).He shipped five altarpieces for churches in the Marches and another one for the church Santa Maria Assunta in Celano (near Bergamo).Mary is portrayed in the left foreground, looking at the spectator and raising her hands in a surprised gesture.Another altarpiece was for the Venetian church of Santa Maria dei Carmini, portraying.Venezia, 1480 circa - Loreto, 1556/1557.Cathedral of Asolo, Veneto Recanati Polyptych (15061508).Accademia Carrara, Bergamo Portrait of a Lady as Lucretia (1533).
In 1508 he began the Recanati Polyptych altarpiece for the church of San Domenico; this two-tiered and rather conventionally painted polyptych consists of six panels.