Sugar 2 tsp, salt 1/2 tsp, seasoning, oil 1/2 tbsp, sugar 1/2 tsp.
cut tomatos into pieces, remove the hard portion of the core.
Then, cover it again for 2 minutes.Tags 2016 The Meatmen Channel Pte Ltd.Cut the beancurd puff diagonally and then slit the side of beancurd puff to make a pocket.Then, add and stir-fry the tomato. .Repeat until all tau poks are stuffed.Serve stuffed tau pok with rojak sauce.Stuff with mixed bean sprouts and cucumber.After 5 minutes, crush the tomato.Beyond Norms Facebook Page or subscribe to our come lavorare da casa e guadagnare soldi blog via the right side bar to get the latest updates.It will be a great motivation for me if you could provide us with some feedback/comments either via our blog or by joining our.Corn starch 1 tsp, light Soy Sauce 2 tsp. .Mix both cucumber and bean sprouts together in a bowl.
We made our version rojak sauce using prawn paste, gula melaka, belacan powder, chilli, and more.

The fragrance from the torch ginger flower makes you crave for more with each bite.Mix the minced pork with seasoning well. .heat the ginger, garlic and 1 tbsp of oil over high heat.Queues can be long but well worth it!Advertisements, this entry was posted in: DIY, Food, Mummy's Kitchen, Recipe Tagged with: Beyond Norm Blog, DIY, Dried Beancurd Puff with Rojak Sauce, Food, Food Blog, How-To, lifestyle blog, Mummy's Kitchen, Recipe, Singapore, Stuffed Tau Pok with Rojak Sauce).Add the crushed peanuts into the sauce and serve immediately with the crisp tau pok. add minced pork and mix it well, Then, cover it and cook for 5 minutes.Mummy's Kitchen, i have always enjoyed this snack as it always reminds me of the push cart vendors on the streets of Singapore in the 70s, whereby the rojak man will always have stuffed Tau Pok and dried cuttlefish apart from the usual rojak which.You can like.

A hawker favourite for a mid-day snack!