The painting was executed for the Oratory of Santa Maria sopra Mercanti, where it remained until 1953, when it was transferred to the museum.
The confusion of indiscriminate need meets the discriminating order of assistance.
Madonna and Child with Saint Ignatius of Antioch and Saint Onophrius: 1508 In the Madonna and Child with Saint Ignatius of Antioch and Saint Onophrius, 1508, the young Lorenzo Lotto is influenced by Durer, who when in Venice in 1506 had painted sacred paintings.The much smaller torso of Venus appears to nestle up to the head, to - probably calculated - comic effect.Head of a Young Man: ca 1505.Lorenzo Lotto himself left many letters and a detailed notebook ( Libro di spese diverse, 15381556 giving insight to his life and work.Santo Spirito Altarpiece (1521).This interpretation of the paw would, of course, be in keeping with the suggestion that it represents a professional attribute.(non presente in questa pagina).Among the many painters he influenced are likely Giovanni Busi.Man with a Golden Paw: ca 1527 Like Lorenzo Lotto's 'Young Man before a White Curtain this pale, elegantly dressed, bearded man is shown before a curtain, only this time the curtain is a deep, dark red.
Church of San Francesco alle Scale, Ancona The Crossbowman (1551).

An inscription in Latin on the sheet on the table reads: "Following Lucretia's example, no dishonored woman should continue to live".I santi Lucia e Vincenzo Ferrer, 67 x.Church of Santo Spirito, Bergamo Adoration of the Child (1523).Curtains are an important iconographical feature in Lotto's work.In Treviso, a prospering town within the domain of the republic of Venice, he came under the patronage of bishop Bernardo de' Rossi.Berenson, Bernard - Lorenzo Lotto ; The Phaidon Press Lorenzo Lotto: Rediscovered Master of the Renaissance, by David Alan Brown, Peter Humfrey, and Mauro Lucco, with contributions by Augusto Gentili.Here was a dialectical response to a feeling that the self had become all too transparent, all too vulnerable, an example of the new tactics required by the self-assertive individual in contemporary social hierarchies.High Renaissance, he already constitutes, through his nervous and eccentric posing events casino baden and distortions, a transitional stage to the first.The event is supposed to have precipitated the collapse of the Etruscan royal line (510 BC) and thus to have led to the founding of the Roman Republic.
It represents Joseph of Arythmea, the Madonna, Mary Magdalene and an angel at the left.
Most unusual are the crucifix behind, and the mousetrap, on which the artist has signed his name in the lower right corner.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Saint Lucy Before the Judge (1532).
Santa Maria dei Carmini, Venice Triumph of Chastity (c.
National Museum of Capodimonte, Naples Santa Cristina al Tiverone Altarpiece (c.